Foundation is one of the most important elements in a building. Because the foundation is the first one formed before other elements are formed. The durability of a building also depends on the foundation being built. The foundation serves to forward the load from the upper structure to the subgrade. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the free foundation repair estimate in Austin TX as well.

The foundation used also varies greatly depending on the type of building. For high rise buildings usually use deep foundations. Whereas simple buildings usually use shallow foundations.

Before making a foundation a survey is usually carried out to measure soil structure. Only then can you determine the type of foundation that fits the structure of the soil itself. Here are two types of foundations that you can make references for the building.

Deep Foundation

The deep foundation is a foundation that is established on the ground surface with a certain depth where the bearing capacity of the foundation base is influenced by structural loads and ground surface conditions. Deep foundations are also usually installed at depths of more than 3 meters below ground level. The Foundation also has many types, such as:

Pile Foundation

This type of foundation uses concrete as the base material which is then plugged directly into the ground using a piling machine.

Piers Foundation (Diaphragm Wall)

The foundation of the piers is the foundation for continuing the structural heavy load made by carrying out deep excavation, then the pier foundation structure is attached to the excavation

Caissons Foundation (Pile Drill)

Pile drill foundation is built inside the soil surface. This foundation is usually placed to the depth needed by making a hole. Usually using a drilling or dredging system.

Shallow foundation

These shallow foundations are usually made close to the soil surface. generally, the depth of foundation is less than 1/3 of the width of the foundation to a depth of less than 3 m. This foundation also has many types, such as

Footprint Foundation.

Lengthening foundation or foundation.

Raft Foundation.