School uniforms are one of the things that you must always take care of so that they can be used for a long time. Because the uniforms will be used every day, then you must take care of them properly and correctly. This will make you no longer need to buy new uniforms continuously. The existence of uniforms for school is very useful for the identity of the owner and the school where they study.

However, there are ways you have to do to take care of the correct and correct school uniform. The method in question is After you have chosen the right school uniform for your child, the next step is how you take care of the uniform so that it is durable, it is not difficult because it is common knowledge that, among other things, when using a washing machine do not forget to button all the buttons together so that the buttons do not escape when washed, do not dry in the sun which is very hot directly because it can make the uniform color fade.