First of all the camera settings for wedding photos, to photograph the process of marriage, better if you use a telephoto lens. Consideration, if using a short lens, it will pull both cameras because the camera’s spotlight is in close proximity. With that tele camera, then the bride will not be disturbed and can issue a natural signal because the position is not aware of the camera. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out the recommended Louisville Ohio wedding photographers.

The telephoto lens used in camera settings for wedding photos is a 200 mm focal length with wide aperture openings, accessible well in low light conditions. In addition, a prime telephoto lens with a focal length of 50 mm can also be an alternative choice because it has a wide aperture opening and capable of producing narrow field depth. Prime telephoto lens, in addition, to using in low light conditions, but also includes the camera in terms of focus.

Some camera models used in camera settings for this wedding photos, namely Canon zoom lens and Prime lens. For Canon zoom lens, choose a focal length of 24-70 mm with f / 2.8 aperture or 70-200 mm focal length with f / 2.8 aperture. By entering the focal length and aperture, the distance focal length requirement can be satisfied and the aperture width aperture.

Meanwhile, for Prime lenses, you can choose a focal length of 35 mm or 85 mm. This Prime lens has an aperture opening that allows you to organize photos for perfect wedding photos. The 35mm Prime lens, in this case, has a wide enough bat and is able to capture multiple people at once (portrait groups) in a single frame, while the 85 mm prime lens has a fairly narrow view for portrait photos to have an excellent background.

Not only that excellence prime lens 85 mm, has a narrow point of view, this lens is able to capture the details perfectly and also in the use of frame filling. If you have more funds, it is better if the camera settings for your photos use a wide lens, the f / 1.4 is excellent in low light conditions.