In running sports, especially fitness at the gym, there are various tools that you can use there and of course, must be tailored to your various needs. however, for the program that you will run in the fitness, you should be able to get the right program. One of them you can get the right program du Fitness Bootcamp. That way, then your goals in running fitness can work well.

All you have to notice is there is no need to rush in doing fitness with heavy equipment. Make sure that you do fitness activities with the simple and lightest tools first. There are some light tools that you can use in a gym like

1. Machine chest fly
You just have to sit down and do the back position flat on the base. There is a bearing lever that can be used to hold your arms in a position parallel to the floor. The lever is then pushed with both hands at a time slowly so that the chest gets pressure in the middle. Do not forget to return the lever to its original position until your chest is open.

2. Air bike
On your back, lie down and put your hands on the back of the head. Next, lift and thighs to form a perpendicular position. The bottom of the foot parallelly needs to face the floor and then you can start curling up and moving the right elbow to the right side. Then, the right foot is raised to the right knee and elbow can meet.

3. Lying leg curls
You can position the body at this machine and face facing to the bottom, the heel can then be connected with a footing with straight leg position. The handle should be held firmly so that the body position is stable and stay with a foothold that is behind your ankle. the stomach should also be in the engine and then slowly lifted the foot until there is muscle contraction in the thigh on the back.