What really happens to our brain when consuming Ayahuasca which produces such a strange and unique effect? There are areas in our brain, which when overactivated will be connected to depression, anxiety, and social phobia . This effect is almost the same as the effect produced when doing meditation, will arise.

Spiritual well-being makes you understand the purpose of life that enables you to find meaning in everyday life. Your mind will be calmer if your contribution to daily activities makes you feel happy.

There is also plenty of evidence to show that DMT is able to maintain long-term memory and grow new brain cells, like the same thing when consuming cannabinoids contained in cannabis plants, and has the possibility to kill cancer cells in the future. For that, if you are interested in following ayahuasca retreats, you can visit our website. You can get various benefits from Ayahuasca in the right way and not excessive.