Facebook is one of the most reliable social media in social media marketing. Although long enough reliable, there are still many mistakes made by the Facebook brand that turned out to have negative effects. Even though you choose best social media marketing services for your facebook account, make sure you don’t experience the mistakes in Facebook marketing below:

1. Content that is small and inconsistent

One thing you need to pay attention to in Facebook Marketing is the content that you distribute. Make sure that in a day, your Facebook account has content to share. Determine the same amount each day, for example, you can apply a rule of at least two posts daily. After applying this rule, you must run it consistently. You can use the schedule post facility to make it easier to manage content on Facebook.

2. Selling all the time

Sustained sales over time will also have a negative effect on your brand or company in Facebook Marketing. Occasionally not only have to sell, you can spread information useful for consumers and inspirational quotes from the characters associated with your brand.

3. Not prioritizing mobile user-friendliness

Currently, mobile phones are items that cannot be separated from everyday life. Mobile phone becomes the door of information from social media, so if you spread content on Facebook then make sure that your content is easily accessible by people who use the mobile phone.

4. Ignoring comments or questions

Ignoring comments on Facebook can be a boomerang for your brand or business in the future. Respond wisely whatever goes into the comments column. As simple as saying “thank you” too, the consumer or user will greet him with pleasure.