If the game played by you still feels slow, then try checking the game installed on Android, make sure it has the latest updates because the new game will be more compatible with Android devices. Apart from that, you can go to Online Games is one website and see the Review of Different Games from Big Fish Casino.

Besides that, it can also minimize the occurrence of bugs. That way, check the games you play on Google Play Store, if there is a new version, immediately update the game version to make it more smooth when played.

Use the Game Boster & Launcher application

This time we will use a free application on the Google Play Store, which functions to make the optimal game performance. By using it, making other applications that are running temporarily will be turned off.

This makes RAM availability bigger. Because applications and processes that are running will be temporarily suspended.

How to use it:

Open the “Booster” application, then allow the application to scan our application list.

This application does not request ROOT access.

Add the game that will be booster by pressing the icon ‘+’ then tick the game and press “save”

You can add how many games the booster wants to do.

On the application, just select the game that will be boosted to run it. So that the application will work to make RAM focus only for games played.

Using Pure ™ Graphics HD

To maximize graphics on Android, it takes several ways, such as with the help of Pure ™ Graphics HD application, with it can help you to maximize graphics capabilities on Android.

Pure ™ Graphics HD capabilities can also render GPUs, enhance rendering of HW video, and enhance the device’s ability to play HD games smoothly.

That’s it for the tips that we may share with you this time. Although it’s kinda short, we hope it helps you to have a better experience in playing smartphone games on your Android.