For women, the bag is one of the things that become mandatory goods and can support their overall appearance. this makes the bag a part of their life. So, it’s not uncommon for many women to use ladies briefcase that suit their needs and personalities.

For women’s bags, there are many types that can be chosen and used. Some of these types clearly reflect their personality and the style they display. In fact, when they go hang out with their friends, they will wear different bags. There are several types of bags for relaxing activities such as hangouts with friends.

1. Mini Backpack
Mini backpack is a small type of backpack.
This type of bag will make you look more sporty so it is suitable for use while relaxing.
There is a wide selection of mini backpack materials, ranging from leather to parachutes. Not surprisingly, the mini backpack is favored by young women to adults.

2. Cross Body backpack
Although similar to a mini backpack, this bag variant has its own characteristics.
Crossbody backpack consists of one rope. Its use only relies on one shoulder makes this bag suitable for loading light items.

3. Drawstring Bag
The hallmark of this bag is the two parts of the strap that serves as a bag cover and we know it better as a drawstring bag model. So Backpack with a draw model called Drawstring backpack. Likewise bucket bag with drawstring rope model we call Drawstring Bucket bag.
Drawstring bag will make your appearance more mesmerizing when exercising. This bag material is also lightweight so it will not complicate you when moving. Because the material tends to be soft, this bag should not be used to carry many items.

Three types of bags you can use for relaxing activities such as hangouts with friends and various other relaxing activities that are usually done every weekend. In fact, these three bags will not make it difficult for you when doing activities.