Since the past few years, photo booth services have been roaming on our special events. His role is considered to be able to replace conventional wedding souvenirs which sometimes look like that and are not useful. Souvenirs in the form of direct photo prints so this location is in great demand by the public because it is in accordance with the love of the people who want to always exist before the camera.

But do you know there are some benefits that you can get by using photobooth services? One of them is to enlightening atmosphere.

With the photobooth jakarta utara service means that there is one session, which is “taking pictures”, usually this session coincides with the registration session or the arrival of guests, when the guests come they get an exciting and cheerful photo session, rather than without the invitation photobooth session just standing or sitting still waiting for the event to begin. Not infrequently even this photobooth session is more attractive to guests than to immediately enter the actual event space.