If you want to shop for clothing or electronic equipment, do not shop in Medina because the price offered is expensive. However, if you are looking for dates, Medina is the right place. In the Medina Kurma Market is sold various types of dates that vary in price, ranging from 30 Riyal to 90 Riyal. In addition to dates, you can also find biscuits made from dates in this market. The Madinah Kurma Market is located about 60 meters south of the Nabawi Mosque. The market is open from 7 to 23 pm local time on hajj season. Other than that, we recommend you to learn Arabic English before you visit Saudi Arabia.

In addition, Pasar Zakfariah is located about 1 kilometer from Masjidil Haram, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This traditional market sells a variety of religious needs, including gold jewelry, watches, and electronic goods such as mobile phones.

The merchants on average can use the Indonesian language (due to Indonesia has the biggest numbers of Hajj pilgrims each year) even with the Arabic accent. Bargains are also commonly done in the market in close prayer time and closed carpet for prayer mats in the halls of the market street. Zakfariah market is also called as `buy-it-all` market because the buyers who generally pilgrims many who shop by buying goods as souvenirs and the price is generally relatively below the retail price in other markets.