Carpets that we use in some rooms in the house are very susceptible to deposits of dirt, dust, animal hair, even fleas or mites. Carpets that are rarely cleaned will also cause unpleasant odors. It’s just that, cleaning the carpet is not the same as cleaning clothes or other fabric. Because of the large size, thick material, the carpet must also be treated properly to be clean and not easily damaged. Of course, there are so many ways to keep the carpet clean to stay durable and beautiful. Do you plan to choose service on when it comes to carpet cleaning job?

1. Clean the stain

Carpets that are often used as a base are very susceptible to stains or spills. When exposed to stains or spills it should be cleaned immediately. Stains that are not immediately cleaned will become a nest of bacteria and make them smell.

2. Vacuum every day

If you install carpets in the living room or room every day, then you also have to clean them every day. Family activities every day will cause dirt or dust. The carpet can be cleaned every day using a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner.

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