A film can be a very entertaining thing for many people. There are many film genres that can be enjoyed by everyone. In fact, many people make interesting and different film genres from others. Films with unique genres and storylines can usually enter film festivals because of their quality. One of the film festivals that has caught the attention of many people is the Ventura Film Festival.

There are several movie titles with interesting genres and you can enjoy, like

1. Cold Souls
This film tells the story of an actor named Paul Giamatti (played by his own actor named Paul Giamatti) who felt his acting was down and confused looking for inspiration to get the mood of the characters in the drama he played. He then found an advert about a soul-care and exchange clinic.

2. Hunts for the Wilder people
Here the story focuses on the character of the main child who continues to fight with one of his foster parents who is angry but soft-hearted. Anyway, you will laugh out loud and also cry when watching this movie.