Usually, in running an outing with family, the very difficult thing is packing. This is usually experienced by young families who usually have one or two children. In addition to packing, there are many things that must be planned by them if going outing family. So, it never hurts to look for various things about outing ideas for young families for the outing activities can run smoothly.

For the packing, usually many people who find it difficult to solve it. In fact, if some of these things are considered, it will be able to complete the process quickly and precisely. Some things to watch out for are

– Limit the liquid you carry
Everyone must be aware that there are fluid congestion restrictions at the airport, but there are still people who have to stop airport check security because of this. Please note that you must have name tags with your name, address, and phone number. This is to minimize you and airport officials should check or even lose your own bag.

– Note the default weight limit
If the rules on the plane that you ride the default limit of about 23 kg, then you cannot carry beyond that limit. make sure before leaving for the airport, your luggage does not exceed the set limit if you do not want to spend extra money at the airport. in fact, the worst possible that you can feel is to leave some of your luggage.

– Just bring the most comfortable shoes
Shoes may be the most troublesome when packing. How many shoes do you carry depends on how long your vacation time is. but three pairs of shoes are enough for 2 weeks of comfort. And make sure you do not wear rough shoes and can make your feet hurt during the holidays. Wear the most comfortable and wearable shoes in all conditions.