There are health problems that have long been associated with dirty carpets. A study that has been done confirms the fact that dirty and wet carpets can increase the incidence of asthma. Asthma triggered by small particles can cause allergic reactions in the respiratory system or other systems of the body. Although usually not life-threatening, this one health problem can be a serious discomfort.

To help more familiar with the health issues here are presented some of which are Mushrooms; If there is one thing that every homeowner has to stay away from that is a sickly disease. Shaped mushrooms that can thrive in damp places. They can send pores that get air. Small particles can cause allergic reactions in humans and other animals. The effects of human body bulks vary but in some cases can be very severe and even fatal. This is the reason why mushroom growth should be prevented by all means. Mould can grow on the side of the carpet. That is why it is recommended to clean carpets regularly by

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