Month: July 2018

Improving the skill of your customer service team

The first thing to do is making sure that the customer care division already has the right skills to manage customer needs. CRM software cannot replace this area, so what skills should you look for a customer service representative? Meanwhile, you may need to buy 1300 number to improve the quality of your customer service.

Empathy, patience, consistency

Some customers will come with angry conditions, others will ask a lot of questions, and the next just want to chat.

You must know how to handle everything and provide the same level of service every time.


Every customer is different, and some of them can change from time to time.

You should be able to handle surprises, feel the customer’s mood and do adaptations.

Clear communication

Make sure you convey your intent to the customer. Surely you do not want the customer to think that he only gets 50% of the information when he asks about the product.

Use an authentic positive language, remain cheerful no matter if the conversation will end by confirming customer satisfaction or not.

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The electric bike is very convenient

Maybe electric bikes can be a good solution when fuel prices start to go up. Electric bikes will be very economical to use and environmentally friendly. Although initially, people buy electric bikes just for style, now electric bikes or escooter are becoming an important necessity.

An electric bicycle is actually an ordinary bike that added an electric motor in the wheel chain drive, so that when the electric motor is turned on, no longer need to pedal the bike. At first, the electric bike was very simple, just a motor powered by the battery to move the bike. But now the electric bike is growing very rapidly.

Indeed at the beginning of the electric bike looks very stiff, but after going through development, electric bikes appear with a more flexible model. Even sometimes difficult to distinguish electric bicycles with motorcycle automatic, because the shape is almost the same. Only when moving will look at the difference, the literal bikes do not sound, because the voice is very smooth, so it is not heard by the street crowd.

An electric bike can indeed be a solution when the distance is very far, then just turn on the electric motor, and no need to pedal again. However, it’s often constrained in the battery life of the electric bike, so the power is still limited. Although there is already developed with a better battery can travel over 50 km. This has been a significant development, though still lacking.

Nevertheless, instead of wasting too much money on gasoline, it’d be recommended to simply recharge the battery of your electric bike which can be significantly cheaper. Although the battery recharge process may take some time (depend on each brand), you’ll likely be able to recharge it quite conveniently, especially at your home after your work hours have ended.

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